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Coaching Services

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What is the difference between team coaching and individual coaching?

Individual or partnered coaching is focused on you, a re-mastery of you. A pursuit of excellence where personal insight and experience may not be that obvious or missing. Whereas team coaching is often focused on the wisdom, experience, and energy that the entire team brings to the sessions. Team knowledge and experience influences your individual strategies. Both methods provide amazing opportunities and can be practiced in a blended approach between team and individual sessions. Ask yourself, do I shine in areas of group or better on my own? Regardless of team or individual coaching, your coach will highlight your strengths and provide safe passage to explore.

Individual Coaching

The process to Discovery can feel overwhelming, this is why we are here to help and guide you through this. One-on-one coaching with your coach is virtual or face-to-face and it is efficient. Individual coaching can transition to team coaching.

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Partnered & Team Coaching

Team Coaching at Shield takes place with 2-6 people simultaneously who form an ongoing group that meets regularly, usually once every week or two depending on the available schedules. It's a team process - a partnership to mastery. 

Shield Coaching is an agenda.

It’s a commitment for a clear and directed future. A radical approach that provides tools and tactics for your professional and personal life. Not the time for advice-giving and war stories – coaching is an essential commitment towards building your goals, timelines, feedback, and follow through. Tactics and innovation are partnered here.

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