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Coaching Schedule 

Mission to Learn - Duty to Serve


  • Arrive with your pre-coaching information 

  • Objectives established and introduction to coaching


  • Motivation, purpose, and drive.

  • Established radical vision of your future

  • Networking, relationships, and pathways for careers in law enforcement


  • An introduction to a professional police, law enforcement, corrections, or military police recruiter.

  • A site visit at a operations or training centre for police, corrections, or law enforcement. 


  • Skills, competencies, and abilities reviewed

  • Build on current understandings and challenging assumption


  • Fitness to practice - law enforcement context

  • Career and educational opportunities for law enforcement


  • Building commitment to your strategies and goals  

  • Bridging career with lifestyle and goals

  • Celebration and induction into the CCJA (The Academy) Legacy Hall

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