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Get to Know Lonnie

My tenure in Tactical Section required discipline, sacrifice, and a serious commitment to service. “Getting here was easy - however, staying here is hard.” It wasn’t our mantra, but we sure practiced this with every call. 

Beyond my education and experience, I am a professional coach. I am not a life coach and nor do I provide advice. That is not how great coaching works. I do not fix people – far from it. If you are looking for a plan and measurable goals with results – that happens right here, right now. What makes Shield Coaching so successful is that this model meets you where you are and grows upward focusing on a path of service – quickly. No cutting corners, no assumptions, but a solid focus on being deliberate - in everything that you do.   

I have coached and trained internationally with some very impressive teams, professionals, and young people who want to serve and are serving – their country, their community, and their families. What is our goal here while in coaching? To be your partner, protect your character, to teach you how to hold yourself accountable, and prepare you for a lifetime of service. 
Your career starts right here - right now at our first conversation.  

Lonnie's Certifications & Degrees
Masters Degree - Research & Thesis on Police Recruit Training Methodology
Coaching Certification - Police Recruiting & Promotions
Two Teaching Credentials: Canada & Australia
Retired Police Supervisor - Edmonton Police Service
Executive Director Career College - Canada & State of Qatar Project 
Board of Director - Canadian Association of Police Educators
Volunteer - Calgary Police Rodeo Association

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Emergency services, policing, military, and corrections requires a serious commitment, learning, and tenacity.

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